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Güzelden kötüye gidiş! 3

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Sinirlenmiştim. Daha 2 ay önceki o kibar çocuk neden böyle küstahlaşmıştı ki anlayamadım. İçk**en desem daha önce fazlasını içtiğimiz halde böyle bir şey yapacak potansiyeli yoktu. Sessizce oturup duruyorduk. Ben sigaramı içerken o da arada açıktaki sikini sıvazlıyor beni süzdüğünü hissediyordum. Gözümün ucuyla şöyle bir baktığımda sikinin tamamıyla sertleştiğini gördüm. Aslında o gün hemen boşalmaması için kısa kestiğim saksoyu hatırladım ve tadının damağımda kaldığını biliyordum. Güzel de bir şekli vardı. Şeytan dürtmeye başlamıştı beni. Ben böyle düşünürken sikine baktığımı farketmiş ki, ra… Read more

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Charlie at home

AnalMatureGroup Sex

Tuesday afternoon when I came home from work I saw Charlie's truck in my driveway. He was one of Anita`s old friends and I knew he had fucked my sexy wife in the past… So I figured that I would find them having sex but I was wrong. After grabbing a beer from the kitchen I looked in the bedroom but it was empty. I looked out at the pool in the back yard and there I could see their heads over the backs of our lounge chairs. I eased on down to join them. Charlie had on a swimsuit and my sweet wife was fully naked; her tight body nicely tanned. I wondered if they were there resting after a go… Read more

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Group SexHardcore

Ich bin die Heike, 31 Jahre und komme aus Köln. Es war Samstag im Spätsommer, und ich war etwas enttäuscht, denn die vier geilen Freunde, die ich für Freitags eingeladen hatte, hatten kurzfristig abgesagt. Nun saß ich mit meinem Mann beim Frühstück, als er mir sagte, dass er mit mir einkaufen wolle, um mir ein neues Dessous zu kaufen. Ich habe mich schnell zurecht gemacht und nur einen String und ein leichtes Sommerkleid angezogen, und schon waren wir auf dem Weg in die Stadt. In einem Laden mit reichlich Auswahl fand ich nach langem Anprobieren zwei schöne Dessous, die wir kauften.… Read more

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Sitting at the bar...

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

About 6 months ago I was crusing CL casuals as I do while sitting in the library/restroom. I saw an ad and photo of a lady about my age and she was certainly worth a second glance. Most of the ads are purposeful robots but there was a number so I went to my secondary number and sent a brief message. A couple hours later I got a response. After a couple of message I decided that I did need that blow job she had offered for just a few roses. After work I stopped at the gym and took a quick shower to clean the tool up, got back in the car and went to her place. She was everything she promised and… Read more

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das erste mal SM

BDSMGroup SexHardcore

Ich heiße Brigitte, bin 34 Jahre alt, solo, 153 cm klein, 53 kg. Ich habe dunkelbraunes schulterlanges Haar und braune Augen. Ich wohne in Mönchengladbach. Vor einer Woche gab ein Kollege aus dem Betrieb, in dem ich arbeite, seinen Abschied. Er wird nach Berlin versetzt. Achim, so heißt er, lud uns aus diesem Grunde alle zu sich nach Hause ein. Ich war etwas traurig, dass er uns verließ. Er war ein fast väterlicher Freund. Er war 53 Jahre und immer sehr nett. Nun ja wie dem auch sei, jedenfalls ging ich natürlich auch zu dieser Feier. Da diese unmittelbar nach Dienstschluss begann, verli… Read more

Posted by wunschweib 1 hour ago 74

Red Spider


It was the Friday before Christmas, ‘Mad Friday’ the pub trade called it. This was the last weekend before the big day and was the time when companies went for their Christmas meals that they booked way back in June. At noon John closed the office of EdTech for the day as the entire workforce headed into town aboard the four pre-ordered taxis. John liked this, going out with his staff. They were all at least ten years younger than him but he prided himself that he was still young at heart, even if he could not always keep up with them in the drinking. They reached Pedro’s, the Mexican Restau… Read more

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The cute guy

AnalGay Male

The Cute Guy Was asked to share this story Yesterday I hooked up with a guy I had been with once before. I meet him thru Craig’s List The first time he pretty much just sucked my cock I didn’t get to suck his I don’t think he thought I wanted to. But I did see that he had a nice big cock about 7.5 to 8 Inchs and a sexy little butt didn’t see his pretty hole (I have a bit of an asshole fetish). Due to work and other things I didn’t get a chance to hook up with him again for a while and when I tried I found that the Email from CL didn’t work. Upon looking at the email some time later about 6 mon… Read more

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Justine / Chapitre 1 / Première rencontre avec Ale

First TimeInterracial Sex

Justine est une jeune fille à la découverte de sa sexualité, nous la retrouvons lors de son premier « plan » avec Alexis, un garçon de peau mat plus âgé qu’elle. Ils se rencontrèrent par un chat ouvert à tous sur internet. - Première rencontre avec Alexis - Il est 14h45 lorsque Laurie regarde son portable. Justine est assise en face d’elle à la table du bar de ce centre commercial situé au cœur de la ville. Nous ne sommes qu’au printemps mais il fait déjà chaud pour la période. Les flâneurs, pour la plupart habillés légèrement, sont nombreux à venir regarder les bo… Read more

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The little special pill 8

MatureSex HumorHardcore

My cousin Megan is a really hot twenty four year old young woman, with a tall slim body and long brown hair, she is probably the best looking female in our extended family, and even did some modelling work as teenager, you know catalogue dresses and stuff like that. Then she met her husband, a nice standard guy called Eddie, who worked in an accountants and together they made a great looking couple, who really loved each other and with in two years they were getting married and looking forward to a great future. Then about year ago Eddie's company got raided by the police, it turns out not all… Read more

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La locanda

ShemalesGroup Sex

La locanda La Rossa rise sguaiata, mostrò la lingua al pubblico, poi si chinò a leccare le grosse tette della complice che debordavano dal corpetto. La Bastardella sporse il petto in avanti e sorrise compiaciuta, poi con i due indici abbassò la camicia lasciando che le enormi mammelle esplodessero sulla faccia della sua amica. La Rossa sbottò in una finta imprecazione e poggiò con fracasso il boccale sul tavolo. Con un gesto nervoso tirò un capo del nastro che chiudeva il corpetto e sciolse il fiocco: lo stretto indumento scivolò sul pavimento liberando i grossi seni che, fino ad un attimo pr… Read more

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Mijn lagere school


Toen ik in het laatste jaar van de lagere school moest ik na blijven van mijnheer Vermeulen en mocht pas een uur later naar huis nadat ik mijn strafwerk had gemaakt. Wij waren de enige die samen met juffrouw Zwartjes die op woensdagmiddag nog in school waren, toen ik mocht gaan werd de voordeur achter mij op slot gedaan. Ik bleef nog even rond het gebouw slenteren en liep via de dichtbeboste schooltuin naar voren en kon van hieruit naar de lerarenkamer kijken en zag dat juffrouw Zwartjes en mijnheer Vermeulen daar rond liepen. Tot mijn verbazing zag ik dat ze elkaar hevig zoenend omhelsden, i… Read more

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Un compagno di giochi insolito

Lesbian Sex

La sera successiva, Fosca aprì la cassetta davanti alla sua nuova amica. Dentro c’erano uno specchio d’argento, un pettine d’avorio e due oggetti avvolti in pezze di velluto un tempo di colore rosso scuro, ora lise, stinte ed unte. Fosca scelse il più grande e lo svolse con cura. Apparve una manosinistra dalla guardia ad S con ghiande alle estremità, l’impugnatura protetta da una valva a conchiglia avvolgente, la lama larga ed affilata con la scritta incisa CAINO. Fosca la porse alla bella araba e disse con voce resa malferma dalla commozione: “Era di mio padre… ora è tua.” Dall’involto cadde… Read more

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Being Caught...A Sissies Dream

AnalFetishFirst Time

Being Caught... A Sissy Dream It was a sunny saturday,late spring. I just had taken a shower after doing some yard work.I was all fresh and clean and fully shaved,silky smooth skin from head to toe.While getting dressed i decided to wear my cute red satin panties (thong) and matching camisole.It came down just past my round ass and it felt so amazing againt my naked skin. I finished with regulare jeans and a black shit to try to look "normal",i hated it... I left my place and went to the river where i always went to have some "alone time".I had a good spot picked out,… Read more

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Kneipen GB Teil 1

Group Sex

Kneipen Gang Bang Teil 1 Meine Sau Sabine ist jetzt 48 Jahre alt und eine geile Sau. Sabine und ich leben in Rathenow bei Berlin, waren nach Leipzig gefahren um dort ein Rockkonzert zu besuchen und suchten nach dem Konzert eine Kneipe in der Nähe unseres Hotels auf um noch ein paar Absacker zu nehmen. Schon während des Konzertes hatten wir ein paar Bier getrunken und Sabine wird regelmäßig saugeil. In der Kneipe war nicht viel los. Wir hockten uns an die Theke und da wir die anderen Gäste nicht kannten war es zunächst recht langweilig. Nachdem wir noch ein paar Bier getrunken hatten und sich… Read more

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Lesbian Sex

Ricordi Amira si alzò per rimestare le braci nel camino, ridestando il fuoco che sparse nuovamente calore nella soffitta gelida. “Raccontami qualcosa di te…” “Di me?” “Si… voglio sapere tutto della donna che amo.” Fosca si stiracchiò: il lungo serpente blu si mosse sulla sua pelle. “Non ho molto da raccontare.” Amira insistette. Fosca si grattò pensosa il Monte di Venere e propose: “Ah… forse ti potrei raccontare della prima volta in cui vidi qualcuno fare all’amore…” “Oh… si…. Mi piacerebbe tanto…” Amira battè le mani per la contentezza e si allungò per cercare la sua nuova pipa, la lunga e… Read more

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Une autre vie 13


Ce matin on ma apportée une tenue mini ,caraco ,tanga bas ,escarpin ,flushia ,a midi Assan vient me chercher il est nu une queue impressionnante plus de quarante centimètres de long mes deux mains n arrivent pas à en faire le tour il m invite à boire un coup c est a dire lui faire une pipe pour cela il me fait empaler sur un énorme pal mes pieds ne touchent pas le sol je prend tant bien que mal sa bite en bouche il décharge presque aussitôt un colosse met une coupelle pour récupérer le trop plein sa sort par la bouche le nez il y en a un bon verre le mec y rajoute de la vodka une demi bouteill… Read more

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Gay Male

"Welcome back to the land of the living, baby." Zeke smiled at him. "How long did I sleep?" Patrick asked, still groggy and slightly disoriented. "It's ten o'clock. You slep for about two hours. You looked really cute, layin' there all curled up and suckin' on your thumb. Bet you was dreamin' about suckin' on somethin' else, wasn't you?" Zeke smiled. "I . . . I don't know." Patrick answered as he sat up. "Shouldn't we check if the phone works? I need to call a garage." "What you need a garage for, baby doll?" Zeke asked. "I . . . I need to get my car fixed. I . . . I need to get home." Pa… Read more

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Mijn Vrouw, Jouw Vrouw


Na ons heerlijk seksavontuur in Valkenburg waar we niet alleen mijn maar ook mijn vrouw haar meest geheime fantasie in werkelijkheid hadden beleefd wordt de fantasie dat ze door een ander wordt begeerd en bemind regelmatig in onze geile fantasietjes als vast onderdeel uitgevoerd. Bij toeval ontstaan vaak situaties die onze creatieve fantasie aanwakkeren en we, alleen al bij de gedachten dat het werkelijkheid is, elkaar nadien alle hoeken van het bed en de slaapkamer laten zien. In de juiste stemming kan ze maar zo spontaan meerdere keren kort na elkaar klaarkomen. Tijdens onze vakantie afgel… Read more

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Becoming Daddies Girl #3

Gay Male

Chrissie walked seductively to the couch, swaying her hips the way she thought a girl would. She knelt on the couch, directly over Daddy's throbbing cock. She took the shaft of Zeke's monster cock in her hand and positioned the head at the entrance to her ass. Then she closed her eyes and slowly lowered herself onto Daddy's cock. It didn't hurt as much this time as she slid lower and lower until she was fully impaled. Perhaps the different position made it less painful. Or perhaps she was just becoming a full-fledged cock-slut. She began to slowly bob up and down on Daddy's glorious cock. She… Read more

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Kneipen GB - Teil 1

Group Sex

Meine Frau Sabine ist jetzt 48 Jahre alt und eine geile Sau. Sabine und ich leben in Rathenow bei Berlin, waren nach Leipzig gefahren um dort ein Rockkonzert zu besuchen und suchten nach dem Konzert eine Kneipe in der Nähe unseres Hotels auf um noch ein paar Absacker zu nehmen. Schon während des Konzertes hatten wir ein paar Bier getrunken und Sabine wird regelmäßig saugeil. In der Kneipe war nicht viel los. Wir hockten uns an die Theke und da wir die anderen Gäste nicht kannten war es zunächst recht langweilig. Nachdem wir noch ein paar Bier getrunken hatten und sich in der Kneipe außer uns… Read more

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