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i got a job as a janitor at a 4year college

Interracial Sex

I became a slave to Misstress Tammy in high school, for the whole school made fun and new i had a nub peepee and she made wear panties every since the 7 grade. The summer we got out she an i married, but it was wore the pants and i wore the panties and was the wife slave of her house. She fuck anybody she wanted and i would take her to them, She found the ad for a janitor and UNA and order me to go get that job for i could fine here a lot young big cocks there. and i painted on the side to kept her in the best money could buy. I was there about 6months and the janitor job for the sports compl… Read more

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A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Chapter 5

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Our story so far: A hospitalized Tessa is unable to account for her whereabouts or happenings, while a dead neighbor lies decomposing in his home, where she was found partially nude, and trapped under his obese, lifeless body. With his seminal fluids in and on her, it adds to the confusion and the consternation. Surrounded by police, she is unable to answer their questions, and they are suspicious of that. Meanwhile, her husband, who has been having his own difficulties, cannot raise her on the phone, which lies alone, ringing in their fire-damaged home. Two would-be paramours, Ofi and Andre,… Read more

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Satin Ecstacy


Invited For a Blousey Weekend at his Mother-In-Law's by Prim Vincent Pearl stood on the doorstep, his heart hammering, his penis growing and his blushes warming his cheeks. In a moment, he would be in Phyllis's house again and under her full control. Suddenly she was there, in one of her blue silk bow blouses, the darker one, and she shook her head with that instant contempt she always showed him on his arrival. She drew a deep breath, as if making patient allowance for a naughty c***d, and stood back. "You had better come in, my boy. I see Cheryl allowed you to wear trousers and a jacket?"… Read more

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Beka's Revenge - Secrets, Fetishes and stuff


Hi :) <u>So this is me....</u> I am happily taken but recently found spy pics of my sister and dad naked on This "my shared account [the one my bf uses]+ videos of other couples he has taken from an overly close angles, i had no clue was on here... Not impressed <span style="font-size: 16px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">So....... iv changed the password for 2 weeks to this. please continue read</span> As <span style="font-size: 16px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Because</span> i am on here mainly to show o… Read more

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Through The Window


Manoeuvring the ladders past the garage and down to the garden at the back of the house, I thought I saw movement in the bedroom window. I stepped back but didn’t see anything. I was certain I saw someone near the bedroom door but maybe it was just shadows. It’s a single story home and I only needed the ladders to clean the window of the bedroom from the lower garden. I continued down the steps and placed the ladders in position under the window. After setting the ladders, I climbed up to clean the back bedroom window. Again, I thought I saw movement as I got high enough to see in, but once… Read more

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Parking Garage

Lesbian Sex

I had been waiting for just the right time and this seemed like it. You were so turned on after our bathroom activities I think you would have done just about anything I asked. I had you drive back to the house. That way I could run my fingers through your hair and rub your thighs and anything else I could do to keep you turned on. I wanted to be able to wring your juices from your boxers when I got the off of you. I think I was doing a good job. I then reclined my seat and pulled down my shorts. I then started rubbing my pussy you reached over and run a finger through my slit.I couldn't take… Read more

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Yangus x Butt Slammer

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Yangus hurried to the closest bar around, The Cockatoo’s Nest, quite a rundown place from the looks of it on the outside. When he stepped in, much to his surprise, it looked rather luxury with red velvet sofas and dark lights. The bartender was an enormous cigar smoking bulldog wearing a strap-on. Yangus ordered a scotch and asked him about the whereabouts of Butt Slammer. It was only then the bulldog really paid some attention to him: “Butt Slammer? Yeah, I can see why he has interest in you. Slammer has a goo… Read more

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Episode 84: Grace with benefits

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I woke up in this strange bed – it’s definitely not my bed and I’m naked – where did my pyjamas go? I feel my tiny budding breasts and slide one hand between my thighs to check out pussy. She feels fine, a bit slippery and kind of yearning for a good hard fuck. Hell, why is Dad in bed with me? His erection is pressing into my side. Oh now I remember: the shopping trip yesterday into Plymouth to buy me a sexy black bikini, where we met that gorgeous sales girl Amy and had that half-naked picnic in the park. Then back to Dad’s flat with those funny paper panties that don’t really cover anything… Read more

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Dog Deep in Pussy (Bestiality,Taboo,Hardcore)


This is not my story but that of a friend and her first K-9 experience Dog Deep in Pussy I put the rest of the silverware in the dishwasher, dumped in the soap crystals, and turned it on. As soon as I turned the knob and heard the water start churning inside, I caught sight of the wineglass sitting on the dining room table. “Damn, forgot that one,” I muttered to myself. “Well, as long as it’s out, might as well use it.” I opened another bottle of red – a Merlot I had gotten on my last visit to Upstate New York – and poured a full glass. “Mmmm.” I love good red wine and it was Friday nigh… Read more

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Just a Horny Bitch ( Bestiality, Taboo, Hard


This is not my story but that of a friend and her first K-9 experience Just a Horny Bitch (or Girl Dog as my friend calls herself) Yes, I know this is sick. Looking back, I don’t know why I first did it. I guess I was very horny at the time, hadn’t had a man for over a year back then. Well, it started out with me giving the dog a bath. I noticed his long, pink, cock of his standing out as I bathed his chest and abdomen. After a while, I got bolder and took his cock into my hands and gently stroke it. The dog didn’t object, in fact he seemed to like it. He stepped out of the tub and s… Read more

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Mom's New Family Affair.

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I had an earlier shift Tuesday so by the time I had arrived home from work it was before anyone else. I quickly changed into my speedos, grabbed my cargo shorts and sunglasses then headed back downstairs and out to the pool. I did my usual workout, changed out of my speedos into my shorts and pulled a beer from the fridge as I headed back out to relax on the patio. I eased into Mom's usual chaise lounge, adjusted my sunglasses and took a large chug of my beer before settling back for some sun. I relaxed feeling the rays hitting my skin and thought of the last few days. The whole Darla thin… Read more

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Mom's Half-Glasses


Mom gave me a holler the other day about various fuses blowing and wanted to know if I could come over and check things out. "You only have a sixty amp service there and half the time you are cooking something using all four burners. Had the oven been working you might have like twenty amps left for a few other things." So I dropped in to see what fuses were blowing this time. Every other time the fuse would open on overload and you could see the lead link separated. Not this time though, the window of said fuse was blackened and I knew there was a short circuit. The juice jumped from the… Read more

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My Escort experiance


I see Sue in her final preparations tugging that tiny G-string between her cheeks then stepping into her little black cocktail dress thrills me and shames me in equal measures. Yes I know it’s my fault entirely but I wanted to feel in control it’s crazy really we are a loving and wealthy couple so why did I talk her he into doing this. We had paid £350 a night to stay at the Grand just so I could let a complete stranger rent my wife for a few hours. That’s me being polite again I should said it as it is fuck my wife, there I’… Read more

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Mom's Huge Boobs Ch.

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Being a middle c***d, it sometimes felt like I got lost in the shuffle for not being the oldest or youngest. However, I did have one thing that was bigger and better than my brothers. Not sure I thought it was such a good thing until the summer after I turned 18. My older brother, Stan, who was two years older was away at college and my younger brother, Ray, was just finishing his freshman year in high school. For me, Robby, I was finishing my senior year in high school and looking forward to moving away to go to college. Just not sure where yet. Those thoughts changed. After that summer, I… Read more

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I began growing long hair in college. I was now 26 yo. Even then some guys would call me names..like faggot..sissy..gay boy.. Butt I was none of those names. Well I met this girl and we had alot of fun together and I thought that I was in love..Not much sex..We used to smoke MJ together in her all girl dorm then listen to music.We had intercourse a few times butt she liked me to eat her pussy. She called my cock her,"little man".She even laughed and said its too tiny.She jerked me off and even sucked my little cock a few times. I liked her so much.After a few months she would enjoy my tongue b… Read more

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The Session

BDSMLesbian Sex

You couldn't believe you were about to do this. We had talked and I decided to do this. You knocked on my door and waited. After about five minutes I opened the door. I was wearing a robe and my hair was in a french braid. You walked in and waited as you stood in the middle of the room. "Strip" was all I said. You quickly removed your clothes. As you took them off I picked them up and folded them and placing them in a bag. I took the bag "Don't move." I took the bag and walked out the door. You heard me open your car and then shut the doors. You felt strange, you had been naked in my living ro… Read more

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The next day....


I thought maybe nothing would happen with my stepdad again, maybe it was a one time thing. But the next day, this is what happened... I finished showering and headed to my room, towel wrapped around me. I changed into some lounge clothes, a t-shirt and some cotton shorts. I was kind of hungry so I headed to the kitchen, and I have to pass in front of my stepdad to get to the kitchen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him watching my ass as I walked. He didn't even look up at me. I honestly couldn't believe what happened the day before. The most I had ever done was kissed a boy and him play w… Read more

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Coffee Swiss Dot Pantyhose Part Two

FetishGay MaleHardcore

I called Kelly a couple of days after I had spent the weekend. I asked him if he wanted to get together after 1:00 p.m. to go biking or swimming. He said he could get together after 3:00 and we could go biking. That afternoon I rode my bike to Kelly’s house. Kelly was sitting on the side porch when I got there. He said “before we go there’s something I want to show you in the shed.” Kelly opened one of the barn-style doors and went in, I followed behind him. Once we were inside Kelly cupped my face and we began to kiss. My cock jumped in my shorts. When our lips parted, I glanced down… Read more

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Seeing Sisters Pt 2 -- BBW steals hot BF from hot

First Time

Part 1 http://quattroone.us/stories/seeing-s-rs-434988 Chuck's cock burned for release. His nuts were hard squeezing cum into his cock. He knew he was close to shooting his wad, and he continued to peer through the crack in the wall as his girlfriend's cute, plump, and busy sister, Robin, fiddled her clit. Minutes earlier, she had come out of the bathroom, short, thin kimono, barely able to contain her plump rump and voluptuous bosom, through the family room but not without ranting. "It really frosts me," Robin had said, "the shit she gets away with." Her had robe loosened with every step.… Read more

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Trying Threesomes part 3

VoyeurMatureGroup Sex

During the following weeks things settled down to a normal routine. As I was getting ready to leave for work on morning I ask if she would like to play this weekend. Jean responded by asking me what took so long to get in the mood? Looked her in the eyes and told her you can suggest we go play any time you know. She laughed and kissed me good by and said I will keep that in mind. As I drove to work I thought to my self that it should be about time for her to start asking if we could go play.............When I got home I laid out a out fit for her on the bed while she was showering and shaving… Read more

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